Social Media. The marketing platform that has revolutionized the way we do business…

…and seriously waste an insane amount of time.

We’re not anti-social media around here, but we are for sure against time-wasting activities.

Sooo… here are five simple steps to help you simplify social media content:

1. Talk to one person, not an audience.

Talking to everyone usually has the same effect as talking to no one. First of all, most everyone prefers a conversation over a presentation. Plus, narrowing your audience helps you target your content so the right person not only pays attention; they take action.

Weve created a guide called Who Are You Talking To? that will help you create a character sketch for your target audience so you can best reach the person youre aiming to serve. Become a member to get this resource (& more!)

2. Don’t waste time creating content; share what happened.

You can waste a lot of time trying to think of something to post… when you could just get to work and serve until something post-able happens. The human brain is captivated by story, so work in such a way that inspires having stories to tell!

Bonus Tip: Sharing stories that shine the spotlight on someone else is a great way to prevent you from becoming the hero of your business… which is a BIG mistake. (For more on this, read Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller.)

3. Turn your answers to emails/DMs into social media content.

If one person actually takes the time to ask the question, others have wondered too. What questions are you getting asked via email and DM? These messages tell you what people who are connecting with your message want to know, so create content that answers what they’re likely wondering without the hassle of asking!

4. Say your main message over and over and over again.

Clarity is your best content strategy, not creativity. Plus, with most social media platforms offering around an 8% organic reach, there’s a good chance that the same message will reach a completely new audience.

Be clear in your mission. Be clear in how you can help them. Over and over and over again.

5. Prioritize valuable content over algorithm strategies.

Social media algorithms have one constant; they’re always changing. There will always be new advice on how frequently you should post, how long your captions should be, how much time you should spend viewing and engaging, etc., etc., etc. to best position yourself for organic reach.

And while most of those strategies are rooted in truth (at least for this week!), this is also true:

You are much more likely to lose momentum with your audience for posting content that is too irrelevant or even just too mediocre, than you are for not caving to the latest algorithm advice.

Don’t just post to appease the algorithm. Post when you have something valuable to say.

(See? Told you it was simple!)

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