In almost a decade of teaching women how to be more productive, I have learned that less is definitely more in terms of organizational resources. The days of a different planner or notebook for every hat you wear are gone!

Here is a list of the seven most simple and EFFECTIVE tools to help you be at the top of your productivity game:

  1. A White Board or Giant Sticky Notes

Out of sight, out of mind. LITERALLY!

If you’re not brain dumping on a white board or giant sticky note, you’re missing out. With all the apps and a billion options for planners and pretty notebooks, you may not have even considered this option. Research shows us that downloading items from your brain to actual paper with an actual pen connects you better to the project or task at hand, thus making you more likely to complete it. That coupled with the fact that it will be in front of your face makes it almost impossible to ignore your work!

Here are a few of my recommendations:

  1. The swHw Business Tracker 

Some call it a tracker, some call it a planner. But what we call it is the business mentor that sits on your desk. The swHw Business Tracker is a crash course in everything you need to know to help you not only work IN your business but ON your business. With daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly tracking, it’s the only resource of its kind that doesn’t just prompt you to plan, but teaches you the why, how, what, and when of everything from marketing to customer service. The Business Tracker will put hands and feet to your big ideas! Go grab yours here!

  1. Evernote 

I’ve been hearing about Evernote for what seems like forever, but I’m just now taking the leap. This note taking app is so much more than that. If you’re looking for a place to track, plan, dream, collaborate, or anything else you can possibly imagine, you need to check it out. Download it here.

  1. A swHw Skeleton Schedule

Most of us understand the importance of prioritizing properly, and we know that having a solid schedule makes it so much easier to be at the top of our productivity game. So wouldn’t it be great if there was a tool that married the two of those things? That’s what the skeleton schedule does for you. With this simple tool, your boundaries no longer have to live in your heart and head because your skeleton schedule honors your priorities and maximizes your work hours. You can grab yours here(It’s one of the many FREE resources you get as a swHw member but we’re making it available to everyone for a limited time!)

  1. Storage for your clutter 

I don’t care if you’re an admin nerd, a frazzled creative, or somewhere in between, clutter is bad for your productivity. Put your stuff away! It doesn’t have to be super organized, or even super pretty, but it has to be super functional. You shouldn’t be wasting time looking for items that are buried under piles of work… or digging through the kid’s artwork to find your client proposal.

The key is storage! Even having a few baskets to separate mail, paperwork, and office supplies can make a huge difference. Just remember, don’t overdo it on the amount of storage you allow yourself, because it won’t help if your storage becomes your clutter. Keep it simple! Less is more.

Here are some of my favorite office storage solutions:

  1. A workflow playlist 

This has to be tailored to each individual, but if you want to nudge your brain in a certain direction, I bet a playlist could help! Whether you’re trying to knock out a ton of emails or you’re sitting down to create something beautiful, the right music could be the exact inspiration you need to work with excellence!

My personal playlists:
Inspiration to Create
Motivation to Grind

Prefer workship with your workflow? We’re constantly adding to our swHw Spotify playlist here

  1. Yeti coffee cup 

I’m not even playing! This is the key to my uninterrupted mornings! No more trips to the microwave to warm up your coffee or wasted Starbucks because you didn’t drink it fast enough. If coffee is as important to your productivity as it is to mine, you need one of these Yeti coffee mugs in your life.

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