swHw Local Leaders…coming to a city near you in 2020!

Community: it’s a command for Christ-followers. It’s not a suggestion. It’s not a perk when it’s convenient. To live in community is to do life the way God calls us to do it, and not to mention, it’s the way Jesus lived Himself.

We don’t take lightly the responsibility of calling she works HIS way a “community.” So in every season, we don’t just evaluate the content that’s provided here, but we also evaluate how we’re doing on creating and cultivating community here.

 A little backstory of how swHw started: This ministry began with four women (Michelle Myers, Somer Phoebus, Emily Copeland + Liz Patton) asking one another hard questions and sharing truths of what God was showing us in our walks with Him, our homes, and our work.

Confession: those early morning accountability meetings did not initially include plans and dreams of starting a ministry — but the more we benefited from meeting together, the more we felt God calling us to invite others to join us.

Over the last 5+ years, it has been such a joy to watch God move in the hearts, homes, and careers of thousands of women. We often joke that if we could have one wish, it would be a weekly coffee date, face to face with YOU, our swHw fam! Can you imagine what that would be like?

“Excuse me, kind Starbucks employee, do you mind if we push together some tables? We have 1,100ish of our friends on their way. Cool?”

Although we realize the geographical obstacle (and the size of most coffee shops!) makes that pretty much impossible, we also know that we serve a God who can do abundantly more, so it didn’t stop us from asking Him to make a way! And guess what… HE IS ANSWERING!

Soooo…. ::insert drumroll:: swHw Local Leaderscoming soon to a city near you!

Ladies, we are OUT OF OUR MIND excited for this!

Local Leaders are the answer to the comments we get like:

“I wish I could just get together with other swHw women like me beyond one time a year at Narrow!”

 “I’d love to discuss what I’m learning with other swHw women face-to-face.”

 “It’s so incredible to have a place where I feel understood – I want to help other women get connected to what God is doing here!”

 Soon, you’ll be able to! And we’ll be dishing out all the details during the pre-conference member meet-up at Narrow: details, applications, expectations, what YOU get as a local leader, time lines, and everything else you’ll need to know!

We desire to grow this ministry, but we always want a way to prioritize depth and trust God with the width. And we believe this is the next step to serving deeper – by digging deep into our local communities.

Here’s the main thing we know right now: we CANNOT do this alone. We need you. We need leaders who feel called to the swHw mission to step up with us.

There are logistics to be ironed out, and there is lots and lots of work to do…

But if you’re willing, so are we! 

Here’s what we need from you:

1. Pray about being a local leader or being part of a local launch team! 

2. Be at Narrow so you can get the whole scoop!

Of course, we will absolutely send all the details to all of our members, but it will be after we talk with those attending Narrow! We need YOUR feedback, your input, and your commitment – and we know the best place to make that happen is face to face!

Get your Narrow ticket here.

Get ready, swHw – it’s about to get even better!