Ever been told that you’re not simple to shop for? We’re making it easy this year for those who love you. Enjoy our complete list of 25 gift ideas for you that cover all spectrums of the swHw life and honor every budget. Happy shopping!

1. swHw membership

Instantly connect + be mentored by women who share your priorities of Christ, family, and work. Every resource + training we provide is done by women who are committed to the gospel, dependent on God, dedicated to their family + effective in their work. At just $15/month or $120/year, you can connect with a tribe who instantly gets you for less than 2-3 cups of coffee per month.(P.S. We are committed to be your best business expense every year.)

2. ESV Study Bible

If you’re looking to grow in your knowledge of God’s Word, the ESV Study Bible is one of our favorites. It does a good job of remaining true to the text, while providing a mix of historical context + application. We highly recommend it!

3. Biz Tracker 

Its nickname is “the business mentor that sits on your desk.” If you’re one who typically only needs to be asked the right questions to arrive at the right actions, THIS is the resource for you. Every resource you need for a quarter of the business year to stay focused, prioritizing what matters and reverse-engineering how to get there, is right here in this pretty pink book. (And don’t miss the option to subscribe and save!)

4. VMP Annual Prayer Journal 

Kingdom leaders pray, and we do have to be intentional about our prayer lives. We love the structure + organization VMP annual journals provide. The linen cover is as functional as it is beautiful to last you all year long.

5. Amazon Prime membership 

Do we even need to explain? Whether you need a new book or toilet paper, this membership means it can arrive at your house in two days. #winning

6. she works HIS way: 100 Devotionals for the Working Woman

You asked for it, so we did it! We took 100 of the most impactful devotionals that first appeared in the #swHwapp and put them in book form. Each devo was written by a woman in the trenches of faith, family, and work with you from a heart’s desire to equip you as a Christ-follower, wife, mom, friend, leader, and professional.

7. Creatives Calendar

If you’re a big visual person, this giant dry-erase calendar is a MUST for your workspace. I mean, the sight of Lindsay’s handwriting is enough to inspire. Mix that in with planning how you will live out God’s calling on your life, and your calendaring time will go from boring to bursts of creativity.

8. Ring Light 

If you have to do any video (whether recorded trainings, video conference meetings, or merely Facebook/Instagram LIVE, a ring light is a must. Stats show that people are less likely to watch a video if they can’t hear you or see you well, so don’t let something silly like poor lighting stop people from getting your solid content. (This one even comes with a stand for your cell phone!)

9. The My Life Purpose Guide (The MLP)

The MLP is like a personality test and a spiritual gifts inventory had a baby. But unlike any other tool, rather than making the foundation for your results your personal preferences, the MLP foundation is your biblical identity – who God says you are. This self-paced guide is the perfect way for any Kingdom leader to finish 2018.

10. Blue Light Protection Glasses

If you do lots of computer work, you don’t need to be without a pair of these! Those tension headaches you get canbe avoided, and you don’t have to break the bank to get a pair either.

11. Narrow Conference ticket 

Picture it: business + leadership training, Bible teaching + powerful worship alongside hundreds of your friends who share your priority of faith, family, and work. That’s exactly what happens at the annual Narrow conference. Early bird ticket prices expire at the end of the year, so don’t miss your chance to be there at the best price.

12. fitbook fitness + faith journal

Who couldn’t use a little kick in the pants to prioritize your health? This little book will not only inspire you to move + nourish your body, but it’s filled with reminders of how to keep Christ at the center. Plus, our friends at fitlosophy are gracious enough to donate $1 to she works HIS way for every journal purchased. We know you’ll love it!

13. she works HIS way app 

The #swHwapp is designed to be your daily touch to live with God first, family second, and work third. A one-time purchase of $2.99 unlocks new devos added every Monday – Friday, quick access to the swHw blog and freebies, plus in-app purchases of stock photo bundles, and a constantly-growing directory of other women living out the swHw mission. (This is a quick + easy gift to give, too! Click here to gift for iOS or here to gift the Android version.)

14. Full Meal Subscription Box Membership

If you’re a skilled chef, you can skip to #12. But for the rest of us, these subscription boxes can be a lifesaver to skip the stress of meal planning + prep. There are many to choose from – check out Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Freshly, and Green Chef to name a few of the most popular ones.

15. Cell Phone Tripod

Yes, we know you’ve gotten really good at stacking books and coffee cups in your office to prop up your phone while you go LIVE or jump on a ZOOM call with a new client, but for under $10, you can use an actual tripod and actually get to drink your coffee during your call.

16. Business Essentials Guide: 30 Days to Evaluate + Improve Your Business 

Can’t think of a better way to roll into the new year – this 30-Day Guide is equal parts practical + purposeful. CRMs, social media strategy, onboarding email sequences, websites best practices, systems, scheduling, accountability to unplug, intentional prayer for your business – it’s all here and more!This digital download can be in your inbox instantly after just a few clicks.

17. Cell Phone Drop Box

We are a firm believer every home needs one of these! During the next game night with friends, date nights in, or even just every evening during family dinner, set the expectation that unplugged time with friends + family is a priority in your home.

18. Family Photoshoot

We can’t keep them little forever, but pictures can transform moments into memories. A fun Christmas splurge is to think outside the box of merely trying to get everyone smiling and looking in the same direction. Have a photographer meet you at your house, at your kid’s sports game, or your favorite family hangout. Years from now, your investment will allow you to feel like you’ve been transported back in time. (P.S. If you’re near Asheville, it doesn’t get better than our own London Adelaide Photography.)

19. Family Stacking Rings

Isn’t there just something about the sight of your family’s names that comforts your soul? Keep that comfort in view at all times with these beautiful stacking rings. (It’s also a good reminder of your priorities while you work!)

20. Apple Watch

If you’re like us, you may have thought you didn’t want an Apple Watch because the last thing you want is another thing that “dings” at you. But hear us out: You CAN turn all notifications off on your watch and choose not to activate apps like email and social media. So basically, we use the Apple Watch as a flip phone that has some cool health features. If you struggle to honor your work vs. home hours because of smart phone access, this is powerful technology to actually motivate your digital detox – as long as you have some discipline to stay away from all the fancy features.

21. Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave

Admit it: You pretend you’re for real friends with Joanna Gaines, don’t you? Whether interior design is a hobby of yours or not, we all want to cultivate living spaces that inspire connection and comfort.  If you’ve always dreamed of getting her expert advice, her latest book is your best option – unless you’re planning to move to Waco.

22. Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Whether podcasts, worship music, or even swHw class recordings are your jam, this shower speaker syncs with your cell phone to let you listen to your faves and maximize your moments getting ready for the day.

23. Coffee Warmer for Desk 

Again, no explanation needed. Iced coffee is fine, but cold coffee that was once warm? No thank you. But rather than waiting for the day when you don’t get interrupted, expect the interruption and let the warmer keep your coffee warm until you can finish it.

24. Ugg Dakota Slippers

These moccasin-style house shoes toe the line of fashion so well that you could probably get away with wearing them most places during winter months. They’re insanely comfortable, keep your feet warm, and will last forever.

25. Pretty much ANYTHING that first appeared on Shark Tank. 

Right? Delighted By Hummus, Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook, Sunscreenr, Third Wave Water, GoodHangups, Illumibowl (seriously a must if you’re currently pregnant!), Signalvault – from tech to your taste buds, who doesn’t love supporting a feel-good entrepreneur story that ends with a partnership with a seasoned investor?

Honorable Mentions (that double as acceptable gifts at any time): candles, coffee, chocolate, dry shampoo, anything spa-related, succulents that thrive when ignored + impromptu trips to Target.

Merry Christmas, swHw! Pssst – don’t forget to share this link on your social media channels to make shopping for you super simple this year.