Has it been difficult for you to find business training you can trust?

Us too. It wasn’t impossible, but it was difficult. We found that every time we were learning business from someone who didn’t share our priorities, it required some serious filtering of their information before we could begin to apply it.

It makes sucha difference when we can learn from someone who…

… defines success as obeying God, no matter what.

… reminds me to prayerfully consider my season of life – not just any available opportunity.

… uses their knowledge and experience to positively impact the lives of others.

…encourages me to work for the “well done, my good and faithful servant” – not the earthly recognition or worldly rewards.

Can you relate? If you can, sweet friend, take a deep breath. That’s exactly our mission. We’re not perfect, and we’ll never claim to be. But we do know that His way is perfect, which is why our goal is never to point you to us, but to lead you to Him.

We want to be that business training you can trust – no filter required. We call this the “swHw filter,” and it’s our promise to you:

The she works HIS way filter

Dependent on God

Gifts, talents, and abilities are real, but the One who put them in us is even more real. Our goal is to be women who rely on God, not our gifting.

Dedicated to Family

Our job may fluctuate throughout life, but we never have to question the assignments God has given only to us. You are your husband’s only wife, and you are your children’s only mother. Your family is your greatest opportunity for Kingdom impact and significance. Daily, we remind one another of the high calling God has given each of us at home.

Effective in Our Work
Excellence matters so God, so excellence should matter to us. But it takes more than mere excellence or skill to be effective; it requires our willingness to humbly invest in others, while trusting God fully with the results. Our goal is never to wow you with our ability, but to help you duplicate the skills, systems and truths that have guided us in your work.
Committed to the Gospel

In this post-modern world, it’s become far too common for leaders to choose Jesus as part of their “brand.” But Jesus isn’t supposed to be part of our lives; we’re supposed live our whole lives surrendered to Him. Rather than using His name to push our own agenda, we’re women committed to using our gifts and abilities to join in His agenda.

If you’re a woman juggling the priorities of faith, family, and work, we see you. We get you. And most of all, we are FOR YOU!

Here’s the truth: Merely balancing your life will never work. You were divinely designed to put God first so He can order everything else (Matthew 6:33).

she works HIS way exists to gather women just like you – women who are committed to Christ, family, and business… in that order.

It’s our joy and honor to serve Kingdom-driven women through our annual conference, membership community, app, and business tools. Rather than simply teaching business strategies and sprinkling in Scripture to support it, the majority of swHw derives directly from God’s Word.

Why? Because the Bible is the only book that truly transforms.If you’ve been longing for any kind of life transformation, God’s Word is the best place to find it. We’d love to dig into His truth with you.

Want to see an example of what a swHw class looks like? Sign up here to access a free class as our gift to you. If you find yourself fist-bumping the screen and “amen-ing” often, join our community. There’s lots more where that came from!

We are grateful to serve Jesus alongside women like you, and we can’t wait to get to know you more.