Teeny Tutorial

Answering emails and customer service is a large part of my job here at swHw. If I’m not careful, it can get quite overwhelming. Thankfully, I have some systems in place to help me get my work done efficiently!

This month our members received four PDFs called Teeny Tutorials as their member challenge. They were challenged to read them, implement them, and then work more effectively!

I’d love to share one of my tutorials with you. This one is about auto/vacation responders. Ever get an instant reply to an email with FAQs, business hours, a vacation notice, etc? I’ll show you how to set that up for your email account. It’s a great way to share your business’ mission, your hours, FAQs/FYIs, and anytime you’re on vacation or will be slower to respond to emails than normal.

Check it out here: Teeny Tutorials_ Auto Responders

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