Our main swHw mission: To live by the order of God first, family second, and work third. It’s never perfect, but it’s always our goal.

We’re not just aware that the way we work may look a little different from the outside – we pray that it does.

We are women with an undeniable mission written in our hearts and we know Who is ahead of us, hand-crafting each step. We want to know God and make Him known. We desire our families to see Jesus in us first and most often.

And in a world where business and Jesus can be like oil and water. However, we know that placing God first in our lives doesn’t stifle our work, but that He is the fuel to make it truly worthy and good.

In a recent video I want to share with you today, swHw founder, Michelle Myers said, “Jesus never promised to build your business, but He has promised to provide for your needs.”

As swHw women, that means we must have our eyes on building His church and have our hands busy in the work. Forget the glamour; it’s for His glory. Our own work matters, but if Jesus can’t get the praise, we’re out.

We hustle to make HIM known.

At the end of the day, we don’t have to fear unsuccessful work because we know that God is doing all of the heavy lifting. God is committed to His purpose of changing hearts more than bank accounts, and families more than reputations. We’re not afraid to walk away from business ventures to step deeper into the needs of our families… just as we’re not afraid to pursue the opportunities He calls us to with boldness.

How we live out the swHw life will look different for each of us, and that, too, will probably change as often as our seasons of life.

But we can smile at the future, defining success as obedience, and that trusting His way is always best.

This is the community that is molding me and these are the women who cheer me on towards the finish line. We work His way together. Our goal is not that you would know our names, but that you would know our God.

Here is a timely message and prayer that shares the heartbeat of our community clearly. We pray it encourages you. And, as a reminder, you are always welcome here.