This Week’s Memory Verse:


“He must become greater; I must become less.” – John 3:30

In the verses leading up to this, some of John’s disciples come up to him, concerned because Jesus was also baptizing & people were going to him instead of coming to them.
John is quick to dismiss & correct their thinking, telling them, “I am only here to prepare the way for Jesus” (vs 28).
Oh, sweet friends, let’s not brush by that too quickly. How often do we approach our lives in that perspective?
I am only here to prepare the way for Jesus. 
Not just here. Only here.
I’ll just say it: It can be easy to focus on the success of our ministries more than we focus on Christ. But if we truly want to be leaders in Christ’s mission, we must get out of the way and let Christ take His rightful place at center stage.
So how do we make Him greater and make ourselves less?

1) Emulate Christ’s humility, doing nothing out of selfish ambition & looking first to the interests of others (Philippians 2:3-4). 

I love these words of Jim Collins: “The x-factor of great leadership is not personality; it’s humility.”

While selfishness can easily ruin relationships, humility has the power to build. In fact, I’d be as bold to say that humility is the foundation of Kingdom work.

2) Emphasize God’s Kingdom rather than our own personal achievements.

Social media has many benefits, but it also has created this intense pressure to create our life’s highlight reels (or maybe even exaggerate them.) There may be certain things God may allow us to do that don’t have to be shared with the world.

Not because we should be ashamed of our accomplishments… but if it creates more praise for us than it does for God, we’ve moved the spotlight to the wrong place.

Will you memorize these words of John with us this week as we work to be women who only prepare the way for Jesus?

He must become greater; I must become less. – John 3:30

Dear God, help us to find our satisfaction in the things of eternity & not elevate our personal achievements over Your Kingdom. Fill us with humility, and rid us of all selfish ambition. We are only here to prepare the way for You, Jesus. Become greater as we become less. Amen.