2-Year Bible Reading Plan

We’ve gotten a lot of questions about the Bible Reading Plan in YouVersion. In short, we are moving away from our swHw app and YouVersion (the Bible app) will house our BRP now! It’s free to everyone and it will still include the daily scripture and devotional. As with any change, we are excited but there are some different things that you need to be aware of. No matter what day of the month you start the plan, you will start on Day 1 for the month. We recommend starting the February plan on February 1. Either way, don’t fret. You will still be following the plan no matter what day you start.

YouVersion does not differentiate weekdays from weekends. Our devos are meant to be read to begin your work day, so there are enough devotions included every month for a typical five-day work schedule. We recommend plugging into your local church and discipleship group for the remaining two days of each week. You can also check out our books or search on YouVersion for our topical plans to supplement the extra days each month if you prefer to read straight through.

Join the February Bible Reading Plan