Meet the SWHW Team:




  • swHw team describes her as: consistent, innovative, wholehearted, a natural mentor, and most likely to drop a truthbomb (with or without a microphone in hand).
  • swHw expert of: brand creation, social media + content strategy, direct sales, online business and organizational health.
  • Passion Point: Equipping and encouraging women to stay focused on their mission while prioritizing being Famous In Heaven and at Home.
  • When she gets really excited, Michelle involuntary responds with cartwheels, running laps around the nearest building or busting into performance mode (which typically involves a Michael Jackson song).
  • Wife to James; Mom to Noah, Cole and Shea.



  • swHw team describes her as: strong, dedicated, equally fun + efficient, honest, and most likely to find an excuse to miss the party (#introvert).
  • the swHw expert of: productivity, organization, brick + mortar business, start-ups, fixing what’s broken, and profitability.
  • Passion point: To motivate women to action! More specifically, to help them build businesses and business models born out of their God given callings so that they can serve their communities and shine the light of Jesus.
  • Student pastor’s wife, corporate consultant, fitness studio owner, and wannabe Beyonce backup dancer.
  • Wife to Kent, mom to Kennedi and Lizzie.


Customer Service + Operations

  • swHw team describes her as: loyal, genuine, steady, service-focused and the queen of laughing at all the wrong moments.
  • Teeny is always, always, always eager to help. If she ever leaves swHw, it will probably be for the foreign mission field.
  • Anytime you contact swHw, you’ll be interacting with Teeny. You’ll quickly feel like you’ve known her your entire life + we’re certain she’ll probably become your favorite.
  • Wife to Sam, Mom to Harper + Weezy
Erica Team Headshot


Web + Tech + Design

  • swHw team describes her as: sincere, decisive, lovable, supportive, and most likely to catch you off guard with her wittiness.
  • the swHw expert of: graphic design, web development and brand consistency.
  • Passion point: to serve her clients with service that is affordable, fast and done well, while equipping them to do the same.
  • Fantastic eye for detail in every aspect of the word “design.” Pretty much, she’d make the perfect BFF for Joanna Gaines.
  • Wife to Andy, Mom to Emery, Hayden, and Julian.


Liz Patton


Bible Teacher + Editor

Liz’s heart belongs to Jesus, her husband, Jason, and their three teenage sons. She’s passionate about helping women find body and food freedom so they can live their healthiest, happiest, and most free lives in Christ. She also loves editing for She Works HIS Way and serving the swHw team and community anyway she can.


Bible Teacher + Corporate Career Coach

Nicole Warren has been in Corporate America for close to 20 years with a focus in HR, Talent Acquisition and Leadership Development.  Her heart has always been centered around coaching and developing women to pursue excellence and not perfection both at home and in the workplace.  In the last 3 years she has completed both her Bachelors and Masters degree program in Business Administration with a focus in HR, successfully passed her HR certification exam and become a licensed minister in 2021, however the accomplishment she is most proud of is being the mom to two amazing daughters Jaylen (21) and Journi (14).


Bible Teacher + Study and Teaching Strategies Coach

Lisa is daughter of the Most High King, wife to Ryan, and mom to Ava and Weston. A believer her whole life, Lisa only truly experienced Jesus in personal and life-changing ways well into her adulthood – something that radically altered her study of Scripture, her presence as a Christian Professor on a secular University campus, and her desire to be in community and service with other believers in the local church. God has directed Lisa’s heart toward high school and young adult women, where she hopes to encourage the next generation of Christian women toward authentic, peace-filled, and life-lasting faith in the God who calls us by name. She lives with the purpose to pray, serve, and teach others toward Jesus.
Lauren Diggs


Bible Teacher + Marriage and Family Coach

Lauren is a military wife, mom of 5, and an open book when it comes to her story of full-on restoration in a marriage she thought was broken. Her ministry is simple but big. Lauren is called to take women by the hand and walk with them through the messy, always in the direction of Jesus.


Sam Pineda
Black Mountain, NC

Jared Ross
Knoxville, TN

Amy Ross
Knoxville, TN

Adam Hatton
Winston Salem, NC

Jessica Hatton
Winston Salem, NC