Meet the swHw Team:

swHw she works His Way membershipReal women in the trenches of life and business with you.

More than business partners, we are great friends; and more than great friends, we are sisters in Christ. Different in skill but united in heart, we each add a level of expertise and experience that makes us better together. Our commitment is that every resource we provide pushes us toward God’s, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” And let’s have lots of love, laughter and life-change on the way there!

Michelle Team Headshot

Michelle Myers

The Purpose Police
  • swHw team describes her as: consistent, innovative, wholehearted, a natural mentor, and most likely to drop a truthbomb (with or without a microphone in hand).
  • swHw expert of: brand creation, social media + content strategy, direct sales, online business and organizational health.
  • Passion Point: Equipping and encouraging women to stay focused on their mission while prioritizing being Famous In Heaven and at Home.
  • When she gets really excited, Michelle involuntary responds with cartwheels, running laps around the nearest building or busting into performance mode (which typically involves a Michael Jackson song).
  • Wife to James; Mom to Noah, Cole and Shea.
Teeny Team Headshot

Teeny Pineda

Master of Miscellaneous
  • swHw team describes her as: loyal, genuine, steady, service-focused and the queen of laughing at all the wrong moments.
  • Teeny is always, always, always eager to help. If she ever leaves swHw, it will probably be for the foreign mission field.
  • Anytime you contact swHw, you’ll be interacting with Teeny. You’ll quickly feel like you’ve known her your entire life + we’re certain she’ll probably become your favorite.
  • Wife to Sam, Mom to Harper + Louise
Somer Team Headshot

Somer Phoebus

Productivity Princess
  • swHw team describes her as: strong, dedicated, equally fun + efficient, honest, and most likely to find an excuse to miss the party (#introvert).
  • the swHw expert of: productivity, organization, brick + mortar business, start-ups, fixing what’s broken, and profitability.
  • Passion point: To motivate women to action! More specifically, to help them build businesses and business models born out of their God given callings so that they can serve their communities and shine the light of Jesus.
  • Student pastor’s wife, corporate consultant, fitness studio owner, and wannabe Beyonce backup dancer.
  • Wife to Kent, mom to Kennedi and Lizzie.
Erica Team Headshot

Erica Zoller

The Storyteller
  • swHw team describes her as: sincere, decisive, lovable, supportive, and most likely to catch you off guard with her wittiness.
  • the swHw expert of: graphic design, web development and brand consistency.
  • Passion point: to serve her clients with service that is affordable, fast and done well, while equipping them to do the same.
  • Fantastic eye for detail in every aspect of the word “design.” Pretty much, she’d make the perfect BFF for Joanna Gaines.
  • Wife to Andy, Mom to Emery and Hayden.
Liz Team Headshot

Liz Patton

The Mom
  • swHw team describes her as: compassionate, admirable, gracious, authentic, and most likely to pray with you on the spot.
  • Once Liz comes into your life, she’ll probably rival your mom/husband/bestie for the role of your biggest fan.
  • In addition to serving as our Community Director, Liz also serves as our Content Editor. (And between blogs, app content and our other resources, we keep her busy!).
  • We call her “Mama Liz” because she naturally nurtures everyone she’s around in the sweetest way. (But we’re pretty sure there’s a mama bear in there somewhere, so we’d recommend not messing with any of her “cubs!”).
  • Wife to Jason; Mom to Harrison, Jonah, and Christian.
Rachel Team Headshot

Rachel McMichael

The Techspert™
  • swHw team describes her as: bubbily, collaborative, knowledgeable, warm and the most non-nerdy tech-lover you’ll ever meet.
  • swHw expert of social media ads, sales funnels, and all things tech.
  • Passion point: Helping women remove the tech stress from their business so they have more time to do what they love.
  • When she wakes up in the morning, the very first thought on her mind is: Give me Jesus. And after that: Give me coffee!
  • Wife to Phil, Mom to Emma.
Ashley McKinney + Emily Singleton

London Adelaide Photography
(Ashley + Emily)

The Memory Makers
  • swHw team describe them as: easygoing, positive, prayerful, patient + insanely generous
  • swHw experts of: photography
  • Passion Point: capturing real moments that make memories last forever
  • These two prove that even business is #bettertogether. No question, their business model + friendship elevates Christ.
  • Ashley – Wife to Seth, Mom to Leyton, London and Layla; Emily – Wife to Mike; Mom to Bennett, Addie.