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February 2017

Leading in Love

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Do you have an opinion about Valentine’s Day? {My husband thinks it always falls on a Tuesday and this year, he was right!} I know there are some who dread it, some who adore it, and some who just say “meh.” I totally understand all of those reactions, but I’ve got to tell you that it’s an incredibly special day for my family. My husband Phil and I were married right around Valentine’s Day {February 18, to be exact}, so this holiday will forever be surrounded by sweet memories for me {and maybe a few thoughts of the crazy last-minute wedding prep, too!}. This past week we celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary, and I’m so excited and honored to share with you a few of the leadership qualities that make my man so inspiring. When I think about the leadership traits I admire most in my husband, there are two things that come to mind almost immediately {Honesty time: I’ve been sitting here trying to do this blog post justice, and I know my words won’t be enough, so I hope you can hear my heart in these}. First, my husband is a true prayer warrior. Not many people [...]

Leading in Love

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Before I share how my husband, Sam, leads our family well, I want to give a little background of our relationship.  Sam and I are the same age, and we met in 4th grade. His family moved to Greece from our 8th grade year to the Summer before our senior year of high school. Sam and I reconnected over MySpace (don’t judge, ha!) and began emailing back and forth the year before he moved back home. Nerd alert: I kept all of those emails and put them in a book for us! We dated senior year, broke up, and then began dating again freshman year of college. We dated long distance all 4 years of college and got married in July right after we graduated. We’ve been married for 5.5 years now! Sam and I got to know each other very well during the year of writing back and forth. You really get to know one’s heart through letters! I quickly learned that Sam is a one-of-a-kind man! Sam has so many wonderful qualities, and I could write for days about him, but I’ll save you all some time. I’ve chosen my favorite three leadership qualities about him, and [...]

Leading in Love

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“So he shepherded them according to the integrity of his heart, and guided them with his skillful hands.” – Psalm 78:72 I remember the first time I read this verse after meeting my now-husband. Immediately, I said, “That’s James.” (Considering the fact that this verse is written about David, the same one God called “a man after His own heart,” [1 Samuel 13:14] that’s no small feat!) “He shepherded them” Some of you may not know this, but my husband stepped down from his pastor position at our church when our daughter, Shea, was born. (More on this under the next heading!) But throughout his career in ministry, James has never sought after a title. In fact, if you ask him his ministry strengths, he would tell you, “I’m a shepherd.” Not “I’m a fantastic preacher” (even though he is), or “I’m a strong leader” (which he is, and a lovable leader at that), but simply, “I’m a shepherd.” A shepherd has many responsibilities, but when I think of James’ heart as a shepherd, here are the first things that come to mind: I think about how he strives for unity in all things because he takes his responsibility [...]

January 2017

Stepping Out into God’s Calling

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Just as through the disobedience of the one man the many were made sinners, so also through the obedience of the one man the many will be made righteous. - Romans 5:19 Throughout Scripture, we read accounts of how people’s obedience affected not only their own lives but often an entire nation. The greatest example of this is Jesus Himself. Christ’s obedience to death on the cross made a way for us to be called children of God. Likewise, our choices can have a lasting impact on both our own lives and the lives of the people around us. Our choices will not only impact our own lives, but they could also have a lasting impact on generations to come. Just look at the story of Adam and Eve, for example. They made one poor choice and disobeyed God, and the world as God originally created it was forever changed. On the flip side, good choices can also affect generations to come. If we look at Noah’s choice to listen to God and build the ark, we can safely say that this wise step of obedience had lasting results. If we would stop and take a moment to think [...]

November 2016

5 Things You Should Pray for Your Business

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Entrepreneurship is both an incredible tool that God can use for His kingdom and also fertile ground for us to point people to our own kingdom. Because of that, praying for your business and how you will handle that endeavor should be at the top of our to-do list. I know I've heard Michelle say, prayer is the single most important factor to running a business ,and I wholeheartedly agree, so today I'm sharing 5 things you can be praying for your business. 1. TO HAVE AN UNDERSTANDING OF OWNERSHIP First and foremost, we must pray that we understand our role in our business. Though the world sees us as the owner, we must give that role to God. I think if this was a one-time signing over of your business to God, it'd be simple, BUT each day, we are faced with the opportunity to take control and call the shots. Part of praying for understanding of ownership in close communion with God (through prayer, studying His Word and other spiritual disciplines) so when decisions need to be made, we are operating out of the wisdom God gives and not our own strength. It's also praying that God [...]