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Decision Fatigue: the exhaustion one feels after making so many decisions that even the most insignificant asks become overwhelmingly huge and almost unbearable.

If you’ve ever 1) cried because it was time to decide what’s for dinner, 2) lost your mind at the thought of choosing an outfit 3) just fallen asleep 30 minutes into trying to pick a movie… you may not just be “indecisive.” It might be that you’re simply exhausted from making all the world’s decisions, or overthinking it, or even a little of both.

So what can we do to combat this and how does it affect us spiritually? For the answers to those questions, we suggest you watch the Decision Fatigue and Overthinking class (found in the class archives) and then be sure to pair it with this resource that will help you evaluate, identify, and move forward so you can be free to do whatever it is God has called you to with clarity, energy, and peace.


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