The 4-1-1 Obedience-Based Discipleship

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You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t want your life to be loud for Jesus. But often, if we’re honest, we’re only loud in the safe places, whether that means church, our social media tribes, or from behind a computer screen.

But how bold are we in really sharing our faith in every day life?

We would probably all admit that we aren’t as bold as we could be….or our desire to be. Maybe you’ve even found yourself paralyzed by the fear that you wouldn’t know what to say.

We’re bringing in two of our favorites, Marcus and Mandy Hayes, to teach us the 411: a simple, duplicatable way to share your faith. All you’ll need is to be able to answer four questions…in one hour…on one piece of paper. (Get it now? The 411!)

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