The longer you stick around, the more resources you will accumulate with your membership, which only increases the value you’ll receive. Our *annual plan couples that increased value for you with a decreased price from us (25%, which translates to $60/year to be exact!) We’re committed to wow-ing you every month of the year.

Membership Includes:


Our (almost!) weekly LIVE classes are the heartbeat of swHw memberships. If you can join us LIVE, you’ll be able to ask questions and interact with other members, or just hours later, recordings are uploaded into the member portal – complete with class notes so you can listen on-the-go and have the main ideas already written down for you. (You can also access the classes through our Facebook group if that’s more convenient for you!)


Our resource library is full of tools + tips to help you prioritize your walk with Christ, home and work. New resources are constantly being added + revised so you always have up-to-date tools to practically weave the swHw mission into your daily life.


If you’re feeling alone in pursuing God’s glory in your work, you’ll love our member community group on Facebook AND our annual Narrow conference. You’ll not only get to interact with others about swHw training, but we’ll give you opportunities to share what God is doing in your life too.


Our academies, courses + consulting allow you to interact with swHw teammates and members on a focused topic in a smaller setting. If you need more specific direction in your work, this is a great place to begin. (Member discounts available!)