***Conference ticket required to participate in Pre-Conference Workshops***

They’re baaaack! We know you want to make the most out of your trip to Asheville…and that’s why we’ve planned a FULL schedule of pre-conference workshops for Friday! Customize your Narrow experience to address the biggest needs in your business in a smaller setting, led by one of our swHw teammates.

(Each workshop will have a limited number of spots available, so make sure to save your seat ASAP!)


Workshop Selections:

1. Transform Your Mind: How to Quiet Your Anxiety in a Biblical Way
with Jessica Hatton

Jessica Hatton (licensed professional counselor, pastor’s wife + mom of three) is passionate about working against the world’s normalizing of anxiety.  You don’t just have to live with it and you can use brain basics, spiritual truths, and practical tools like thought recipes to transform your mind. If you know anxiety is affecting your everyday life, join Jessica for her pre-conference workshop. Learn more about Jessica at christianmomcounseling.com. [Website coming soon!] 

2. What I Wish I’d Known Sooner: A Real Conversation for Ministry Leaders, Speakers + Writers
with Michelle Myers

Do you currently lead a ministry, or do you feel God calling you to a speaking/writing ministry? If so, you don’t want to miss this candid conversation with she works HIS way founder, Michelle Myers, on what she wished she’d known before she started leading, speaking and writing in ministry. Between sharing mistakes made and lessons learned to critical truths and helpful tools, Michelle can’t wait to invest in and encourage those of you who share her heart for teaching God’s Word.

3. Speak Up: Creating A Successful and Sustainable Podcast
with Audra Haney

Podcasting is a powerful and effective way to connect with your audience and build your brand. However, the barrier to entry can be high because of the technical aspects and weekly workload. In this workshop, Audra will address the most common technical questions and frustrations. She’ll also equip you with the tools you need to create amazing content, enjoy the process, and launch your podcast with confidence.

Audra Haney is the producer and host of The 5 Minute Mom Podcast and is passionate about helping others launch high-quality podcasts. Audra worked as a television writer and producer for over 15 years, with daily show work featured in 96% of U.S. homes, as well as 159 countries. Today, she is thankful that she can broadcast to the world in yoga pants from the comfort of her closet. Check her out at: audrahaney.com.

4. 21 Things in 21 Years: The Struggles and Blessings of Marriage and Parenting
with Somer + Kent Phoebus

Come for a put-it-all-out-there conversation with Kent + Somer Phoebus about the struggles and blessings of marriage and parenting when mom and dad both have callings and careers outside of the home. Is it possible to do it all well and not mess up your kids (or each other) in the process? Spoiler alert – YES! Using their own experiences + the truth of God’s Word, they’re going to tell you how. This is hard work, but it’s the most important work — so it’s worth investing in!