***During this time, as an attempt to streamline and simplify the swHw ministry as much as possible, we are temporarily suspending MLP registration. If you would still like to go through the MLP independently, you can purchase the MLP Guide at mylifepurposeguide.com. Thank you for your understanding!


My Life Purpose Academy with Somer Phoebus: MLP Academy is a 4-week course based off of the My Life Purpose Guide written by James Myers. It helps ensure that we don’t get lost in the extremes of merely existing or incessant striving because neither allows us to fully surrender to God’s plan for our lives. His mission matters too much to trade our purpose for feeling insignificant, confused, or unfulfilled. Come discover God’s plan and purpose for you in MLP Academy!

Discover who God made you to be and how to live it out! What you get in My Life Purpose Academy:
  • A copy of The My Life Purpose Guide
  • Access to our private FB Group where you can ask questions and get support anytime throughout the 4 weeks
  • An intro session with James (the creator of the MLP Guide) and weekly live coaching classes with Somer
  • A live Q&A at the end of our 4 weeks to make sure you leave with everything you need