We’re so excited you are considering joining our next Productivity Academy. PA will help you to simplify everything by maximizing your time and adding margin to your day. (Yes, margin is possible for even the busiest woman!)

This course is perfect for the working woman who is: 

  • Juggling multiple responsibilities that she wants to steward well
  • Feeling increasing pressure or guilt to get it all done 
  • Has a big God dream she’s ready to jump toward
  • Wanting to be purposeful and not just busy 
  • Ready for more peace and less chaos 

One thing you’ll learn quickly in PA is that productivity is about much more than time management. Somer teaches you techniques that will help you become organized, better focused, and more disciplined, but she doesn’t believe in a “one size fits all” curriculum so she will also teach you how to tweak each technique so that it’s the right fit for YOUR brain.

>>After all, what good is a perfectly color coded schedule if you have no desire to execute it? <<
No matter if you’re creative, administrative, or somewhere in the middle, this productivity course can help.

The next Productivity Academy will kick off October 5th and we can’t wait for you to see some of the new changes we’ve made! After you purchase, you will receive an email from Somer on the Monday that class starts with details on how to get connected!