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Narrow Payment Plan Options

Check out our new payment plan option that allows you to purchase a ticket and pay it off in installments. 


Simply pay one-third of your conference total down, and then you will owe the remaining two payments over the next two consecutive months. Pre-conference events will be announced early 2019 and are not part of payment plans. Only conference tickets and insurance qualify for payment plans.

Yes, it will add into the payment plan and divide it equally across your three payments.

The bonus of paying in full is that you are able to use a coupon code. Coupon codes cannot be used if you choose a payment plan.

Trip insurance can be added to the total purchase divided over 3 payments, however, you forfeit the entire insurance fee if you request a refund.  *Trip insurance is only valid until September 30th, 2019. After that date, no refunds or transfers will be allowed. 


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