August 2017

My Top Three Takeaways as the swHw Summer Intern

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Hello! My name is Lauren Croft and I had the awesome privilege of working with Michelle, James, and their family this summer as an intern for she works His way. If you’ve ever wondered what life is like inside the Myers’ household, allow me to be the one to open the front door for you. Here are my top three takeaways from this summer: They really care. Seriously, y’all. From the first phone call I had with Michelle about this internship, I could hear and feel the passion in her heart for the ministry, her family, and her relationship with Jesus. From that one phone call in my dorm room at Liberty University, I knew I wanted to work for her and her family because when someone cares that much, you just can’t help but follow suit. I’ll be honest, I truly had no idea what she really did for a living when we talked, but with as much energy and passion as she exuded over the phone, I wanted to know more. I’ve seen Michelle and the team behind-the-scenes, which I wish you all had the opportunity to witness. They work extremely hard to serve the community of [...]

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Three Steps to Eliminating Fear

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How often do we get excited about a new idea or a creative concept, only to be paralyzed by fear? Fear so big that it stops us dead in our tracks. After working with many female entrepreneurs and leaders, it’s clear to me that the number one thing that trips us up most often is fear and anxiety. But here’s the truth: How we handle fear is precisely what separates the mediocre leader from the incredibly successful leader.  This doesn’t mean successful leaders are never afraid. But they don’t let their fear lead. As followers of Christ, seeking to do His work, we cannot be held captive by fear. We have to understand that if He has called us to it, He will carry and sustain us through it. Here are three ways that can help eliminate fear so that we can be about His work:   Purify your intentions. We’ve heard the saying “it’s the thought that counts,” but I want to take the business version of that and apply it here for us today: It’s your intentions that matter! When you’re making a tough decision or moving forward on a big project, you have to stop and [...]

Striking the Balance of Dreaming and Doing

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My work puts me in contact with lots of entrepreneurs. Over the years, I’ve discovered very few have been able to strike a balance between learning and implementation.  Of course, knowledge and vision is an important piece of entrepreneurship, but so is the willingness to try, even if it means failing a few times before you land on your feet. Let’s talk about what happens if we tend to lean to either extreme of dreaming or doing…The Over-Dreamer These entrepreneurs might as well call themselves professional students, as they spend their workdays reading, listening to podcasts, and having lots of ideas and opinions… yet they never really do anything.This person can quote leaders in their field with ease, always seems to have an opinion on what others are doing, and is never short on ideas on how everyone else should implement. Yet, they spend so much time learning and researching that they never actually get around to doing anything.These entrepreneurs are rarely in situations where they don’t “know” the answer. Yet because their brain and their resume don’t add up, the opportunities don’t come. And if you never move forward, you will get lapped, even by the runner with the [...]

Five Tips for Extroverts Who Work From Home

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I had just finished dropping our two oldest kids at school, and our youngest was quietly napping. I was just starting to settle back into this new role of working from home, so I pour myself a cup of coffee and plop down in my sweet wife’s office while she types away on the computer. I start rambling on about nothing really important, and Michelle looks up at me and lovingly says, “Do you need something?” Completely taken off guard, I start explaining that I just wanted to catch up, while she explained to me that she had less than two hours to finish 3-4 hours worth of work and would like to be alone. I’m pretty sure I’m in company that understands my wife’s focused work ethic and perspective pretty well. But just in case, before you start thinking negatively toward her, the truth is that with small kids, especially when she was exclusively breastfeeding our youngest, her windows to get work done from home are relatively small. And despite tighter time restrictions, that doesn’t lighten the load of her responsibility. I, on the other hand, was coming from an environment where it was common for me to [...]

July 2017

Three Quick Changes to Help Your Website Convert More Clients

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Building and maintaining a website that converts clients into sales can be puzzling. With so many options, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and not do anything at all. You may understand what you are trying to sell, but is it easy enough to understand to someone who knows nothing about what you do or what you sell? Before spending money on ads to bring more traffic to your site, make sure your site is prepared to welcome visitors! When done well, your website can be as beneficial (if not more) as hiring a full-time employee! Here are three quick changes to convert more clients into sales: 1.) BOLD STATEMENT & RESOLUTION Your website needs to very quickly communicate how you can offer help to your customer. If they didn’t need/want something, they wouldn’t be on your website to begin with, right? The first goal is to identify the problem/need your customer has, and then show them how your business can help them find the solution. Make your customer feel like you are talking directly to them and no one else. If the customer inserted their name or business into the statement, could they identify with what you have to offer? [...]