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October 2016

Real Life: Patience and Contentment in Times of Waiting

By |2020-05-08T15:44:53-04:00October 13th, 2016|Faith, Family|

Can I be real with you for a second? My husband Harrison and I are abundantly blessed and we have so much to be thankful for! (I cannot say that ENOUGH.) However, we are in a season of waiting. And to say that patience and contentment come easily for me these days would be far from the truth! I'm a sinner, y'all. We've recently moved to Knoxville, TN after a season of Harrison serving in ministry near Asheville, NC at a Christian camp called Camp Ridgecrest for Boys. (If you have young boys, you seriously need to look into this place! I promise they will experience Jesus in new and wonderful and adventurous ways!) During this season, we are thankful to live with my in-laws as Harrison is interviewing for his new job. However, our ultimate desire is to have a home of our own, to settle in and "nest," to be able to host friends and families in our own space. We know that God is in control and we can trust Him throughout this job interviewing process, but my mind can often turn to doubt, impatience, and discontentment. It's not a one-time attitude change for me. It's [...]

September 2016

Best 3 Photo Editing Apps for your Phone

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As the Creative Director of She Works His Way, I spend a lot of time creating images and editing photos from my phone. Today, I'm sharing the best 3 photo editing apps I use and why I think they're pretty awesome. If you're not yet a swHw member, be sure to join us because next month I will be leading a live class on editing your photos from your phone! I'd love to see you there! 1. VSCO VSCO is by far my most used app for straight up photo editing. Why? For starters, it has an amazing set of filter presets to choose from. Don't be overwhelmed by the variety of options. After using VSCO, you will probably find yourself using the same few presets again and again. My most used preset is the F2, but it all depends on what subjects you are shooting and what mood you are trying to create with your photos. Then, when you click on your adjustment toolbar, you have access to all of the basic tools you need to give your photos that extra touch of brilliance. Adjust the exposure, contrast, sharpness, crop, or temperature to create the perfect look and [...]

August 2016

Entitlement vs. Empowerment

By |2020-05-08T15:47:27-04:00August 11th, 2016|Faith-Based Leadership|

Time for a gut check. Starting with myself. In today's culture, we often walk a very fine line between entitlement and empowerment. Between what we think is owed to us and what we treasure as a gift of grace. Between confidence and cockiness. Between a spirit of me first and a spirit of others first. Take for example, God's grace for us exemplified through the death of His Son, Jesus Christ, on the cross. If at any point we think we deserve His death and resurrection, deserve His forgiveness and grace, or deserve an eternity spent with Him, we miss the point of grace completely. There's nothing we have ever done or ever could do to become more worthy or deserving of His great love and sacrifice for us. BUT, this does not mean we walk with slumped shoulders or our heads down towards the ground. It actually means quite the opposite for us. When we truly start to let the truth of God's great love for us sink in, we can't help but walk a little taller and smile a little bigger. Because we know that our identity, purpose, and value rest in HIM. Not ourselves. The weight [...]

July 2016

4 Things your Instagram Content Should ALWAYS Do

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It doesn't take a degree in marketing or social media management to produce valuable content on social media. It simply takes an understanding of what people want and need. As a business or ministry, your goal is to serve your customers well by providing a product or service that ultimately offers them a solution. So how do you communicate that through social media without directly selling and then pushing your ideal customers further away? Use this checklist inspired by Hilary Rushford, personal stylist and business coach, while creating your social media content to ensure that it always provides value for those following you. Hopefully they won't just be your followers for long! 1. Educate. What can you teach that is related directly to your field? People love to learn something new that will improve their quality of life! For example, let's say you sell beautifully designed planners. A follower might appreciate you sharing your top tips on how you stay organized. Don't get caught up in feeling like it has to be mind blowing or something that has never been taught before. People will appreciate your unique spin on it and it will build your credibility and trust with [...]

Popular vs. Purposeful

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As the Creative Director at She Works His Way, I have the opportunity of developing our marketing strategy, which includes social media content and all things visual. Much of what I do can often be focused on which post or photo will get the most likes, comments, shares, and overall interaction. So while social media is an incredible tool for our business and engagement on social media is very important, if we make that our ultimate focus, we can easily lose sight of the heart behind our ministry. Why is that? When we try to reach every one, we don't truly reach any one. It's easy to get tunnel vision around the goal of achieving the most likes, shares, or follows. But when we focus on creating content that everyone will agree with, our message becomes muddled and unclear. For example, a post with an inspirational quote about working hard may get more likes than a quote that calls us to surrender our lives completely to Jesus. But that's not the point. Our mission at swHw is to encourage women in leadership to run hard after Jesus and make Him the ultimate pursuit in our ministries and businesses. When [...]