Whether you call it direct sales, network marketing, or MLM, there are a lot of misconceptions about the industry. And with over a decade of experience on the inside, we are asking the question:

Is there a way to actually serve people and make an impact while seemingly selling a product and signing up teammates?

Yes…but it’s not normal.

Likely, what covers your social media feeds is the “normal” way of doing network marketing: paycheck bragging, shameless product plugs, and sleazy sales tactics.

So what if you could stop being normal and start being noble?

Enter: Network Marketing Nobility.

You may not know this, but the first business that swHw founder, Michelle Myers, built was in network marketing. Network Marketing Nobility is her three-part course on retail, recruiting, and leadership, where she shares what she’s learned about making an impact while building a business over the last decade in direct sales.

Watch this quick interview for more from Michelle:

Want more specifics on the difference between the normal way and the noble way to do network marketing? The first video of the course is available to you absolutely FREE. Click here to watch.

Visit networkmarketingnobility.com for more details. (swHw members, make sure you email Teeny to get your discount code before you buy!)

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