When God first laid she works His way on my heart, I knew three things for sure:

#1 – I knew the vision He had given me for a community that offered Biblically-based business training to women who desire to bring God glory, prioritize their families (like really prioritize them, not just say family is more important than work), and serve God with excellence in the area He gifted us.

#2 – I knew this ministry was much bigger than what I was capable to offer. It’s been life-giving to see so many uniquely talented women with united hearts join our team here. (A few new team additions will be announced tomorrow, so make sure you don’t miss it!)

#3 – I didn’t want to add to this noisy world.

I didn’t want to be that girl shouting my agenda all the time. I mean, I’ve been in business long enough: I know all the marketing tricks. I know the launch formulas. I know exactly what you’re supposed to do to get the masses to join.

But she works His way isn’t for the masses.

I mean, sure, I pray our ministry can encourage the masses. But as far as who God has called us to be in the trenches with, serve, and do life with…she’s a very specific woman.

She’s a woman who desires to make Jesus famous – not herself.

She’s a woman who cares more about how loved she makes her family feel than how many strangers on the Internet she can impress.

She’s a woman who knows that her worth isn’t measured by a paycheck, a position, or an audience size, but by a good God who intentionally created her for a specific purpose.

She’s a woman who doesn’t wrongfully think she is better than or worse than anyone else, but faithfully stays in the lane her Savior has given her and runs her race with excellence and perseverance, cheering her Kingdom sisters on as she goes.

There just aren’t a lot of those women.

And to be honest? Even though that’s every single one of our hearts at swHw, none of us are that woman perfectly.

But there’s no other tribe I’d rather be with as we all strive imperfectly to be that woman. Not just for each other…but for Him.

If I just described you, and you’d love a place where you can not feel like a freak for being head over heels in love with Jesus while simultaneously business-crushing on people like Dave Ramsey and Michael Hyatt, we’d love to invite you to join the swHw community.
Our membership is geared to equip you to serve your tribe with increased excellence and renewed purpose. As one of our members, Jess Lang, put it so well, “swHw is a breath of fresh air that helps you grow with Jesus as you grow yourself.”

I can’t wait to meet you.

Rooted in Him and rooting for YOU,