She Works His Way

I’ve spent my adult life as an entrepreneur in multiple businesses. As I began to experience some level of success, I was suddenly met with situations that didn’t sit right with me. It was like Jesus kept setting sirens off in my brain that screamed, “Success isn’t really success if you’re succeeding at things that don’t really matter!”

  • Who cares if you make a lot of money, but your home life is falling apart?
  • What does it matter to receive some recognition if you have no one to celebrate it with?

And most important…

Why spend all of your time & energy on something that will pass away and our relationship with Jesus is all that’s left?

So, She Works His Way was born. And while I’m passionate about all of my other businesses and

Teaching God’s Word is my happy place. He’s smarter than me. His content is better than mine. And following His way of doing things has never let me down, while going by own way is inevitably going to end in consequence.

For 15 months, I simply posted on social media what God was teaching me in the areas I deemed most precious: staying grounded in God, remaining motivated to advance the Kingdom, my marriage, motherhood, mentoring, stewardship, leadership and work-life balance.

I wasn’t the only one who was interested in accountability on this topic. The She Works His Way platforms grew by the thousands quicker than I planned. In fact, it grew exponentially faster than any other platform I’ve developed.

The platform was growing wider, but God kept pressing “deeper” on my soul. There were things that were happening in the world where I wanted a platform to teach others what God was teaching me, and I wasn’t confident if social media was the best place to do so.

  • Not because I’m ashamed of the Gospel.
  • Not because I’m ashamed to associate with Jesus or the Bible’ teachings.

But because my primary ministry is to my home. And while there are plenty of things God *could* call me to, I know for certain, in this season, He would never call me to anything that would compromise my influence and daily presence in the lives of my boys.

So, it’s on to the next chapter for She Works His Way with our membership site. My vision is to give women a place to come for encouragement straight from God’s Word as we do Kingdom work and give our families our best. Come join us as we seek Him and His ways.

swHw builds Biblical community & business training for working women who prioritize being famous in heaven & at home.

Click here for info on becoming a member of She Works His Way.

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