James Myers


Many of you probably know Michelle better than you know James, but James truly is the secret sauce behind most of her business ventures. While Michelle often supplies the “what” and the “why” of the business, James provides the critical “how,” giving feet to her dreams.

While he may be comfortable playing the support role, James is a leader in ministry as well, currently serving as a campus pastor for Biltmore Baptist Church.

Passionate about life-on-life discipleship, James identifies most with the role of shepherd in ministry life. He intentionally works to know, feed, lead & protect those God has entrusted to him.

But this doesn’t just refer to the congregation at church; James lives out that discipleship begins at home. He takes being the spiritual leader of their marriage seriously, and as the dad of two boys, James owns the responsibility of raising Kingdom men.

Michelle brags on him as being the epitome of both tough and tender. While he is all things Lowe’s, outdoors and ESPN, he also serves as the family chef and believes most everything is more efficient in an Excel spreadsheet.

You won’t want to miss the monthly “We Work His Way” webcasts with James & Michelle. Amidst corny jokes, movie analogies and sneak peeks into how the male brain works, James is full of Godly wisdom and practical action steps that will equip you to achieve higher levels of excellence in your Kingdom pursuits.